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Bible Study and Research: Accordance Bible Software


Accordance Bible software is available in the library on 10 desktop stations.Two of these public computers also provide access to the following: BDAG, HALOT, and Liddell-Scott Lexicon.  

Current students may purchase a personal copy of Accordance at a discount. 

Contact the library or your professor for more information. 

Basic Search

To do a basic word or phrase search --

  • Select the version you want to search from the drop down menu on the far left
  • Type the word or phrase in the search box, e.g. mission
    • Enclose the phrase in quotes to search for those exact words, e.g. "cry out"
  • Press ENTER

To change the search translation: return to the menu and select another version.

Examples: GNT (Greek NT), HMT (Hebrew Bible), NRSV (English New Revised Standard)


Combination Word Searches

 To do a combination word search an additional step is to choose a pre-set operator or connector. If need be, change the search to Words rather than Verses. Type the first word of your search. From the Menu bar, click on Search and then Enter Command.  The most common commands are listed at the top: <AND> <OR> <NOT> <PRECEDED BY> <FOLLOWED BY>

To limit your search to a portion of the Bible, right click in the gray space just below the search box and choose "Set Range To" which presents a range of options for limiting.

Parallel Versions

The Parallel Versions window allows you to compare translations. An easy way to do so is by using the Add Parallel menu.


Synoptic View

To view a passage from the Gospels synoptically --

  • Do a verse search: e.g. Matt. 3:13-17
  • Or highlight the passage under consideration
  • Under the Amplify menu, choose Parallels and then in turn Synoptics


A new window will open with the passage arranged in a synoptic display--

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