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Bible Study and Research: Articles


Recommended Article Databases for Biblical Studies

Articles Tab

The Articles Tab is configured to search the combined records of our top four journal article databases:

  • ATLA Religion Database
  • Religious & Theological Abstracts
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Expanded Academic Index

The latter two are general academic indexes, but include many journals and articles about or tangential to topics in religion and theology.

Each of these databases also may be searched individually by clicking on the link for each as shown.

Searching ATLA by Scripture Passage

Searching by scripture reference for journal articles or essays on that passage is a function built into the EBSCO search interface for the ATLA database.  Follow these steps to search by scripture passage:

  1. Locate and click on the Indexes button on the menu bar near the top of the search screen.
  2. From the drop down menu choose Scripture Citation.
  3. Type the passage in the box provided, leaving a space between the book and chapter, but no spaces before or after the colon.

The Scriptures button is another way to do a scripture reference search, but one can only specify the beginning and not the ending vese.  This oftentimes leads to retrieving a greater number of less relevant results.

Using Subject Headings to Expand a Search

The ATLA Religion Database incorporates a robust set of subject headings into its index records.  After finding a record for an article that is "on target" for you, consider expanding your search to capture similar articles/essays by clicking on one or more of the headings assigned to that record.