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Bible Study and Research: Exegesis


Resources for Rapid Reading and Translating

Hebrew and Greek Testaments Online & Print:

Free online access to Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS)

Greek New Testament (print): Aland 2014, Reference room: BS1965 

Reader's Greek New Testament (Goodrich, 2003) Available: BS1965 .

Biblical Word Study Tools

In addition to the Lexicons and Concordances (listed at right), the following resources allow one to dig deeper into the linguistic and historical context of select Hebrew and Greek words and phrases:

Guides to Exegesis/ Original Language Tools

Exegesis is an exacting, methodological analysis of a biblical passage done for the sake of interpretation.  Here are several recent guides to exegetical method in our library:

Hebrew Grammar tools (Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar; Hebrew Grammar by Lowe; Hebrew Syntax by Davidson; Accidence of Hebrew Grammar by Coffey): All free online from Open Access Digital Theological Library

Standard Print and Online Lexicons

"Lexicon",  in Scripture studies, designates a dictionary of Hebrew or Greek words found in the Bible.

  • Bible Hub- free online lexical and Bible study tools--Concordance linked to Strongs Bible concordance

Print Concordances

These specialized concordances assist the move from the NIV English to the Greek or Hebrew term that the English word  translates.

For English-users:

The NIV Exhaustive Concordance (Goodrick & Kohlenberger, 1990)--Reference room: BS425 .G67