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Theologians of the Early Church through the 21st Century


Martin Luther and Pastoral Theology: a guide for pastors and preachers based on the exemplary pastor-theologian, Martin Luther

Martin Luther (1483- 1546)

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Martin Luther: a helpful introduction to his life & theology from Wikipedia

For our Library's access to Luther's Writings, etc., see this LibGuide on Martin Luther

or see this 'catalog link' to over 3400 books by Luther

Helpful Resources for Pastors and Preachers

"Pastoral theology is the branch of practical theology concerned with the application of the study of religion in the context of regular church ministry. This approach to theology seeks to give practical expression to theology. Normally viewed as an 'equipping' of ministers, practical theology is often considered to be more pragmatic than speculative, indeed, essentially a practical science. Hence its main interests are in those areas of theology which will aid clergy in ministry. Topics tend to include homiletics, pastoral care, sacramental theology, and ethics." (Wikipedia)

Working Preacher : Bible commentary (based on Common Lectionary), Craft of Preaching, Podcasts, and more, from Luther Seminary

The Center for Pastor Theologians: forming pastors to transform the Church;                                 "The Pastor as a Biblical Theologian" (Themelios journal)

For Current Research on Pastors, Churches, and Christianity in general, see Barna Research Group and Pew Research Center

From Christianity Today, see their Preaching Today resources; or from the ELCA, subscribe to their Living Lutheran news

8 of the Greatest Preachers of All Time, and What They Taught Us: (April 2023 blog) highlights historic preachers like Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, DL Moody, John Sung, but misses important preachers like Bonhoeffer, Spurgeon, J.Wesley and, of course, Martin Luther!

Faith+Lead Resources from Luther Seminary:  See for example these new course offerings, as well as downloadable Ebooks, Podcasts, and videos.

For the latest books on Pastoral Ministry, Preaching and Theology, see the gallery of new titles below, as well as these three Luther Library Guides: Ministry, Mission & Leadership;    Pastoral Care;    and Preaching.

Pastor-Theologians: a very short list from the Apostle Paul to Gutierrez

"Martin Luther was, more than anything else, a pastor and a preacher. This simple, almost innocuous commonplace holds one of the most important, yet virtually unexplored keys to understanding Luther's impact on the history of the Christian church." (Timothy Wengert)

Paul the Apostle;  Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon; Jonathon Edwards; Dietrich BonhoefferReinhold Niebuhr; Helmut Thielicke; Timothy Keller ; Gustavo Gutierrez  

Recent Books on Pastoral Theology, Pastoral Care, and Preaching, 2021-2023