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New Books in Philosophy & Philosophy of Religion (2023- 2024)

Searching the Catalog With Philosophy Subject Headings

These are some of the Library of Congress Subject Headings that you can use to search for philosophy in WorldCat.  Type "su:" and the subject heading to search, or do a keyword search and look at the subject headings assigned to individual books to find other useful headings.

Philosophy Resources on the Internet and on Luther Sem's Databases

A selection of open internet resources for information about philosophy.

You can search the following DATABASES much like you would search the library catalog.  Searching by keyword will  turn up a list of items that you can scan for the subject headings assigned to them.  You can use these subject headings to do a more precise search for the type of articles you want.  Alternatively, you can browse the databases' indexes to see what subjects they contain, and use those subjects to search.

ATLA Religion Database is focused on religion, theology and related philosophy.

The following are general academic databases, so they have articles on a range of topics.  They can also be a good source for philosophy articles.

JSTOR has a subject index that you can browse.  Otherwise, searching JSTOR is by keyword, author or title. 

Twentieth Century Religious Thought allows you to search the content of an array of important 20th century texts. It has a subject index that you can browse, and an advanced search option that allows you to search texts precisely.

Special Topics in the Philosophy of Religion

  • The God Debate: from the Ancient Arguments to the New Atheism
  • Theodicy: the Problem of Evil vs. the Goodness of God (in process: feedback welcome!)

  • Process Theology, Open Theism, and Christian Panentheism (in process)

  • Freedom vs. Determinism (in process)

  • Epistemology: How Do We Know Anything?

  • Justice vs. Grace and Love (in process)

In the Reference Room

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Donald M. Borchert, ed. 
B41 .E5 2006 Ref.
Also available online as an ebook

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edward Craig, ed.  B51 .R68 Ref.