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Writing and Style Guide: Writing Center


Schedule an Appointment

While priority is given to those with appointments, you do not need to have an appointment to access the writing center's services.  To check availability, feel free to stop by, call (651) 641-3465, or email We are located on the 2nd floor of the library next to the circulation desk in Gullixson Hall.  Whether or not you have an appointment, you are welcome to drop in. You can also request a class visit or workshop, ask questions, submit papers for review, or request additional writing resources using the above contact information.

Consultations are available at 45-minute intervals. You are not required to schedule an appointment to meet with a consultant, but priority will be given to those who have scheduled appointments in advance. We accept walk-ins in the order of availability. Those in the seminary community may schedule up to three hours of consultation per week and may drop by as often as they like; standing weekly appointments are also available for those interested in support for longer projects. As a component of Student Services, we reserve the right to prioritize working with enrolled seminary students at times of high demand. Clients and consultants are at all times accountable to the policies and procedures of Luther Seminary.

The Center for Writing & Research

The Center for Writing is a service of the Student Resource Center which allows members of the seminary community to get professional feedback on their writing at any stage of the process. Working one-on-one or online, we can help you with a variety of issues related to academic writing, including course papers, journal articles, and theses. To the right you can find several handouts on common writing issues.

The Center for Writing and Research at Luther Seminary is a service dedicated to providing writers with a source for feedback regarding writing and the writing process. By consulting with a writing professional, writers can get specific answers to the questions they are facing as well as identify and address points for improvement in their own writing.  This service is provided at no charge to members of the seminary community; if you are not affiliated with the seminary but would like to inquire about our services, please contact us via one of the options below to find out how we can help you.

Writing consultants will:

  • Suggest ways to improve the thesis, organization and content of a text.
  • Explain how to cite according to format (Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.).
  • Recommend ways to get unstuck at any stage in the writing process.
  • Work with you on any form of writing (theses, course papers, electronic content, reflective writing, resumes, etc.).
  • Discuss how to use sources appropriately in a text.
  • Assist non-native English speakers/writers.
  • Refer you to additional resources which may be helpful.
  • Help you to determine what grammatical or mechanical errors are present in your writing and how to find and correct these on your own.

Writing consultants will not:

  • Predict the final grade or comments the instructor will assign to a paper.
  • Write texts―or portions of texts―for the client.
  • Consult on exams without written permission by the instructor as indicated on the exam, course syllabus, or personal correspondence.
  • Discuss clients' work with others outside of the consultation setting.
  • Critique an instructor's assignment.
  • Copyedit and implement changes to an entire document without clients’ participation.


Peter Susag

Peter Susag
Associate Director

Library Office, Gullixson Hall