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Moltmann, Jurgen: a bibliography, and other Reformed Theologians : Home

Jurgen Moltmann: a bibliography, with brief bibliographies for T.F.Torrance, John Webster, other notable Reformed theologians of the 20th century

Jurgen Moltmann, 1926--

Bibliographic overviews of Moltmann's life and work:

Print Books on or by Moltmann (about 400 titles linked to catalog at Luther Sem Library)

Wikipedia on Moltmann

YouTube video: "Theology of Joy: Jürgen Moltmann & Miroslav Volf" (2014, Yale/Tubingen)


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If you are looking for books/articles written BY Moltmann you should search our online catalog** or databases for his name as an AUTHOR

If you want to find resources ABOUT Moltmann or his theology, search for his name as a SUBJECT.

**Luther Seminary Library Online Catalog

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OADTL provides over 180 downloadable dissertations and articles on Moltmann

JSTOR : use Advanced Search mode to specify 'Book Chapters' or journal articles on Jurgen Moltmann (or other Reformed theologians). There are over 800 book chapters and 1,500 full-text articles available on Moltmann.