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Collections & Access (Luther Seminary): Arts & Archives

a guide to the collections at Luther Seminary

Special Projects

The Prodigal Son Online

Luther Seminary is the home of a remarkable collection of artwork based on the Prodigal Son parable. Jerry Evenrud, a lifelong arts enthusiast, donated this collection to the seminary in 2007. Read about and search this database of nearly 100 artworks from our Prodigal Son Art Collection.

Thanksgiving and Hope

Complimentary copies of the book, Thanksgiving and Hope, a history of Luther Seminary, are now available from the archives. Contact Paul Daniels for more information.

Minnesota Reflections

A collection of images from the Luther Seminary Archives.

Art & Archives

Luther Seminary Archives, ELCA Region 3 Archives, and Museum and Fine Arts Collection

The Luther Seminary Archives holds two major collections. The founding collection is the archive of Luther Seminary and its precursors, Augsburg Seminary, the Hauge Synod School, Red Wing Seminary, and Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Since 1988, the Luther Seminary has also held the Archives of ELCA Region 3, along with records of many of the precursor church bodies of the synod.

Records in the ELCA Region 3 collection date from 1843 and cover church communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, with additional material from Wisconsin and Iowa. Records on these church bodies is voluminous: nearly 15,000 linear feet of records. Many of the materials are in the various languages of the founding church groups.

Among the precursors to the present church were the Norwegian Synod, the Lutheran Free Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and a number of smaller church bodies. Sizable documentation also exists for inter-Lutheran cooperation and for numerous prominent individuals, whose personal papers are also deposited in the Archives.

Bockman Hall

The current shape of the collection has been formed by the contributions of historical materials from numerous congregations and individuals. Document donations are always welcome and appreciated. Please contact us if you have contributions or questions.

Contact Us

Paul A. Daniels

ELCA Region 3 Archivist & Curator
Luther Seminary Archives

Hours & Directions

Where are the Archives?

Room 308 of Gullixson Hall on the Luther Seminary Campus.

Directions to Luther Seminary

8:30am–4:30pm Monday-Friday

Weekends by appointment.