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Collections & Access (Luther Seminary): MTLA

a guide to the collections at Luther Seminary

MTLA (Minnesota Theological Library Association)

As part of the Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools, the five theological libraries hold about 775,000 volumes representing about 350,000 unique titles. These holdings constitute the most significant resource in religious studies between Chicago and the West Coast.

Luther Seminary and United Theological Seminary have free-standing catalogs. Bethel Seminary (Lundquist Library) and St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity (Ireland Library) both belong to the CLIC system (Cooperating Libraries in Consortium). St.John's is part of PALS, the Minnesota state system. See the MTLA Catalogs link for more information and links.

In addition, each of the MTLA provides many other electronic resources, both online and on site, tailored to their constituencies. Contact the libraries for information.

Mission Statement

MTLA's mission is to be a primary resource for teaching, learning, and research for theological education within the Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools and their extended communities in accordance with the Association of Theological Schools standards. We facilitate cooperation and collaboration among our members by:

  • Offering access to resources from a diversity of collections
  • Providing opportunities for professional development, collegial relationships, and shared expertise
  • Working together to develop unique individual collections with complementary strengths
  • Serving as a regional association of the American Theological Library Association

Subject Guide