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Ulrich Zwingli, 1484- 1531

Zwingli as depicted by Hans Asper in an oil portrait from 1531

Zwingli as depicted by Hans Asper in an oil portrait from 1531

Bibliographic overviews of Zwingli's life and work:

Books  (many microfilm) on or by Zwingli available from Luther Sem

Wikipedia--an introduction to Zwingli

See our database: Christian Classics Ethereal Library  on Zwingli and his Theology

For an excellent overview of Zwingli's life and theology, see The Cambridge companion to Reformed Theology (2016). (Eds: Paul T Nimmo and David Fergusson

See this issue of Christian History magazine for its fine overview of Zwingli's life and works



Featured Books on Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation


Journal articles: over 200 full-text articles on Zwingli  from ATLA  and other databases via Luther Sem catalog access

.  ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials PLUS : See above for select articles from Atla database

   Academic Search Premier :  An index to academic journal literature

 JSTOR and JSTOR ebooks: use Advanced Search mode to specify 'Book Chapters' or Books on Zwingli

   Religious and Theological Abstracts :  Index to articles in religion and theology since 1958, with over 300 article abstracts on Zwingli (including English and non-English academic articles)

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If you want to find resources ABOUT Zwingli or his theology, search for his name as a SUBJECT ( Ulrich Zwingli 1484-1531.) 

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