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Art and Images: Information About Art

This guide will help you find general information about Art, Art history, and its relationship to religion. You will also find links to collections of digital images of art through the ages as well as websites offering images for your use.

Recent Books on the Arts and Religion: Aesthetics, Literature & Culture (2022- 24) 

ART -- Helpful Search Terms

Here's a list of possible word combinations and subject headings when searching for books or articles on art in various databases:

  • Aesthetics books at Luther Library
  • Art, Ancient
  • Art and mythology
  • Art and religion
  • Art--Dictionaries
  • Art, Early Christian
  • Art, Medieval
  • Art, Renaissance
  • Christian art and symbolism
  • Christianity and art--Lutheran Church
  • Islam and art
  • Jewish art
  • Liturgy and art
  • Reformation and art
  • Religious art

Databases of Interest

Books About Art

Articles about Art

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias of Interest

Christ Cares for All (Image)

Christ Cares for All, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved September 5, 2020]. Original source: wiki/File:NatividadChurchjf8794_07.JPG.