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Justo L. Gonzalez (1937-- )

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NOTE: Hundreds more articles may be available on Gonzalez that are not full-text online, but available from our library or via Interlibrary loan. Simply use the online catalog as follows: If you are looking for books/articles written BY Gonzalez you should search our online catalog or databases for his name as an AUTHOR (Justo L González). If you want to find resources ABOUT Gonzalez, search for his name as SUBJECT (or a related subject:   Hispanic American theology, for example).

Luther Sem Library has 90+ Books (or chapters) on Gonzalez (here), including several EBOOKS plus many others available by ILL 

Also consult the following databases for helpful articles or abstracts on Gonzalez:

For Primary and Secondary source materials on Gonzalez, see this JSTOR link (Luther Sem students)

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