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Bibliographic Subject of the Month--Summer 2021: Home

Each month a different theme is chosen, often in conjunction with holidays or current issues in the news


Bibliographic Brief for June 2021: Immigration and the Southern Border

Two Recent articles on Immigration and Theology:

Images and Their Power in the Developing of a Theology of Migration: The Reality of Latin American Migrants in the U. S. Rodríguez, José David. 2020.  Currents in Theology and Mission 47 (1): 29–34.

 “Welcoming The Strangers—Refugees, Migrants, Asylum Seekers: A Litany.”   Maruskin, Joan M. 2020. Currents in Theology and Mission 47 (1): 5–7.


Twin Cities and Minnesota: Growing Hub for Immigrant Ministries:

Immigrants in Minnesota ......Immigrant groups in Minn...... “How did the Twin Cities become a hub for Somali Immigrants? 

Immigrant churches on the rise in Minnesota (2015 News article)


Ministries at the Mexican Border: ...

...Abara Frontiers:

SELECT BOOKS at Luther Seminary Library on the Border and Immigration: Theology and Ministry