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Gregory of Nyssa, c.335-- c.395

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Wikipedia on Gregory of Nyssa: an overview

One path for all : Gregory of Nyssa on the Christian life and human destiny (EBOOK by Rowan Greer, 2015)

On The Soul And The Resurrection, Saint Gregory Of Nyssa: (a full-Length audiobook on YouTube)

Gregory of Nyssa: a sampling of Ebooks

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NOTE: Many more articles may be available on Gregory that are not full-text online, but available from our library or via Interlibrary loan. Simply use the online catalog as follows: If you are looking for books/articles written BY Gregory of Nyssa you should search our online catalog or databases by her name; if you want books or articles about Gregory, search for by a subject heading ("Gregory of Nyssa AND Psalms", for example). 

Luther Sem Library has 300 Books (or chapters) on Gregory of Nyssa (here), including several EBOOKS here; plus many additional available by ILL  ("Minitex") here

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For hundreds of Primary and Secondary source materials on Gregory of Nyssa see this JSTOR link (for Luther Sem students)

For digital resources, including rare manuscripts, on/of Gregory of Nyssa, see the Digital Vatican Library

Overview and links to Gregory's works via the Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology 

Select Books on Gregory of Nyssa