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Anselm of Canterbury, 1033- 1109

A late 16th-century engraving of Anselm, archbishop of Canterbury

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NOTE: Hundreds more articles may be available on Anselm that are not full-text online, but available from our library or via Interlibrary loan.  Simply use the online catalog as follows: If you are looking for books/articles written BY Anselm you should search our online catalog or databases for his name as an AUTHOR (Anselm SaintArchbishop of Canterbury1033-1109, ). If you want to find resources ABOUT Anselm or his theology, search for Subjects related to him  ("Theology Middle Ages", for example).

Here's a link to Books on Anselm and his theology available at Luther Sem; hundreds of others available by interlibrary loan in Minnesota (Minitex)

Also consult the following databases for helpful articles or abstracts on Anselm (both JSTOR and Open Access Theological Library have hundreds of book chapters or articles on St. Anselm

Anselm of Canterbury in the Post-Reformation Digital Library

For digital resources, including rare manuscripts, on/of Anselm, see the Digital Vatican Library

Select Books on St. Anselm at Luther Sem (**designates EBOOKS)