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Bibliographic Brief for October- November

Theme Bibliography:  Native American Heritage Month  is celebrated throughout the latter half of October and the month of November. In some places it replaces the October 12 celebration of Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day:  see Wikipedia  for “States in the U.S. that celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day or Native American Day instead of Columbus Day” (CA, MN, esp. Minneapolis,, etc). This Guide also pays special attention to Faith Communities born from Indigenous roots in the United States.

Also noteworthy: 

  • The American Indian and Alaska Native community and ministry within the ELCA
  • FYI: Luther Seminary is on Miní Sóta Makhóčhe, the homelands of the Dakhóta Oyáte. The Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, Cheyenne, Oto, Iowa, and the Sac & Fox also inhabited Minnesota land. We recognize that God calls all to be in right relationship with their neighbors, that the tribes are sovereign nations, that there is a history of broken treaties and broken trust, and that there is much reconciling work to be done. As Christians, we also recognize that in Christ there is new life, forgiveness, and hope for mending what is broken. We pray the Holy Spirit will lead us in this work.
  • curated bibliography from Princeton Seminary on Native American Heritage Month
  • Native American Heritage Month (by National Congress of American Indians- NCAI): also commonly referred to as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage month.
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