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Searching the Library Catalog: Item Record: Understanding a Title Information Record

Understanding a Title Information Record

By clicking on the hyperlinked title in a list of search results you can see more information about a particular title. 


The title hyperlink opens a page displaying more detailed information on that particular title.  At the top of the screen the title and an image of the book cover, if available, will appear along with some brief publication information. 


In the upper right you will see some links:

  • CITE:  Opens a window that provides citation information you may copy and paste into a bibliography or export into bibliographic software.  
  • SHARE: Options to copy a hyperlink to the record or email the record.  
  • SAVE:  Save title to a list that can be printed or emailed later.  Access your list of saved items using the "Saved Items" link above the Access Options box on the right. 


Below the brief title information at the top of the page, you will find more information about the particular work, including

  • publisher and other publication information,
  • contents notes (if available)
  • summary of the work (if available),
  • subject tracings
    • These are especially helpful for finding other resources on the subject.  Clicking on a subject hyperlink will bring up a list of all works with the same subject.  


  • LUTHER LIBRARY: If the item is available in the Luther Library you will see that information here, along with the call number for retrieval from the shelves.  
  • OTHER AVAILABILITY AND HOLDINGS:  Displays all other libraries that hold this item 


BROWSE THE SHELVES (located at the bottom of the screen)

Virtually browse the shelves for books shelved near this title.  Use the right and left arrows to scroll.


EXPLORE EDITIONS AND FORMATS (located at the bottom of the screen)

Allows you to see if there are earlier or later editions of this title available as well as if it's available in other formats, as an eBook for example.  It will also indicate what other libraries hold these editions/formats.  The option to limit these results is also available here.