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Bibliographic Brief for September 2023

Theme Bibliography:  National Hispanic Heritage Month  is celebrated throughout the latter half of September and the first half of October. US Census Bureau Resources. This Guide also pays special attention to Faith Communities born from Hispanic roots in the United States

WATCH: The History Behind Hispanic Heritage Month, by Oprah Magazine

12 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities to Try This Year

The Hispanic Theological Initiative: Open Plaza a platform  that amplifies the voices of diverse Latinx thinkers and scholars in the public square

Also see our "Global Theology/Globalization" LibGuide,                                                               and the Latin American Liberation Theology LibGuide

The Latino community and ministry within the ELCA

Latino Theology and Hispanic Ministry— 180 Full-text articles from the Atla Database (see this PDF):

EBOOKS at Luther Sem Library on Latino Theology and Ministry

Print Books at LS Library on Latino Theology and the Church: a sampling

The Word Became Culture

First volume in a new series on Latino/a theology, this collection of essays deals with aspects of inculturation in Latino/a theology

Revelation in the Vernacular (2021)

Disruptive cartographers: doing theology latinamente (series)