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Rare book room

Requests & Support (Luther Seminary): Copy/Scan/Print

Microform ViewScan

Microfiche and microform materials can be viewed on our state-of-the-art scanner/viewer.

UC9 Universal Carrier

Library Computers

The library offers patrons 14 computers for general use.

  • 10 computers in the periodical room
  • 3 computers near the Display Case
    •  Luthers Works, The Book of Concord
    • microfilm reader
    • scanner
  • 2 computers next to the copier are dedicated to catalog searching

Guest Computer Use

Ask at the Circulation Desk for log-in information.

Adaptive Computer

This has programs for users with low vision and other special needs. It also has a scanner.


Feel free to bring your own computer. We offer wireless connectivity throughout the library and in the book stacks.

Copying • Printing • Scanning

Copying & Printing

The Library copier and printer are now located near the New Books display. Copies are 10 cents each, payable at the Circulation desk. Patrons who make copies assume responsibility for adhering to U.S. copyright law.

Printing is free for Luther Seminary students, faculty and staff. Select \\Barachiel\GX-Catalog-1 (combined copier/printer).

Guest Printing: Guests are asked to pay 10¢/page.

Printing Problems: Weekly security updates will routinely change the default printer that your profile uses. Neither the Microsoft, nor the Send to OneNote 2007 option will print on our network.

PDF Creation: You can create a PDF of any document by choosing z-create-PDF-on-Timothy as your printer. Once the document has printed, open Windows Explorer, locate the M drive and look for the PDF pickup folder with your name on it. Copy the file to your documents on the H drive. Materials on the M drive are available for a short time and then deleted.


Try our scanner/printer \\Barachiel\GX-Catalog-1. This allows you to scan and send a file to your email address. We have another scanner at the Adaptive Workstation (located in the room next to the Circulation desk).


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