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Bibliographies for select theologians and themes of current interest

Bibliographic Brief of the Month-- selected theme for October 2021:  Native American Heritage & Indigenous Peoples of North America    (See below** for a list of previous monthly themes)   

Also, see our Style Guide for Creating an annotated bibliography

Theologians of the 20th and 21st Century

Wolfhart Pannenberg and Lutheran Theologians                 (including brief bibliographies for Robert Jenson, Carl Braaten, Martin Marty, and other notable Lutheran theologians of the 20th century)

Jurgen Moltmann and Reformed Theologians                    (including brief bibliographies for T.F.Torrance, John Webster, and other notable Reformed theologians of the 20th century)

Walter Brueggemann and Biblical Theologians                  (including brief bibliographies for NT Wright, James Dunn, Terence Fretheim, and several other notable biblical theologians of the 20th or 21st century)

Donald Bloesch and Evangelical Theologians                   (including brief bibliographies for Kevin Vanhoozer, Amos Yong, James Packer, and other notable Evangelical theologians of the 20th century)