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Cyril of Alexandria, c.376--444


Quick Reference Sources on St. Cyril:

Cambridge Companion to The Apostolic Fathers

Westminster Handbook to Patristic Theology (McGuckin, 2004)

Wikipedia on Cyril: an excellent overview

The Early Christian World (Philip Esler, Ed.) 2017

Cyril of Alexandria commentaries as EBOOKS

Select Books and Full-text Articles on Cyril of Alexandria

NOTE: Many more articles may be available on Cyril that are not full-text online, but available from our library or via Interlibrary loan. Simply use the online catalog as follows: If you are looking for books/articles written BY Cyril you should search our online catalog or databases for his name as an AUTHOR. If you want to find resources ABOUT Cyril, search for his name as SUBJECT (or a related subject: "Coptic Church", for example).

Luther Sem Library has 100+ Books (or chapters) on Cyril (here), including several EBOOKS here; plus many others available by ILL here

Also consult the following databases for helpful articles or abstracts on Cyril:

For hundreds of Primary and Secondary source materials on Cyril, see this JSTOR link (Luther Sem students)

For digital resources, including rare manuscripts, on/of Cyril of Alexandria, see the Digital Vatican Library

Select Books on Origen of Alexandria (EBOOKS noted by **)