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Donate (Luther Seminary): Book Donations

Book donations

Luther Seminary is no longer accepting book donations, asking pastors, professors, and others with theological books they’d like to share to work directly with Theological Book Network (TBN) or Archives Books instead.

Since 2013, Luther Seminary has partnered with TBN to provide books to international schools and libraries. By asking donors to work directly with TBN, Luther Seminary is eliminating itself as a “middleman” in the process of sending high-quality theological books around the world.

TBN’s mission is to strengthen the Majority World church by supporting Christian educational institutions with theological resources. Since 2004, they have shipped over 2 million books to 1,400 schools in 90 countries.

“We’ve enjoyed working with donors and their family members over the past several years of accepting theological book donations,” said Mary Ann Teske, Luther Seminary librarian. “We’re grateful that TBN continues its work in this important ministry.”

Archives Books is a book seller located in Pasadena, California, specializing in religious studies, philosophy, psychology, theology, and biblical studies. They buy and sell academic books in every religious discipline.

Please note that any books randomly dropped off at the seminary will be disposed of/recycled.