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Ebooks (Luther Seminary): Overview

How to access ebooks at Luther Seminary. Specific information about EBSCO and Proquest ebook collections.

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eBooks Overview


What to Know About Using eBooks

  • There are many different ways to access eBooks depending upon their publisher or vendor.


  • There are also varying terms for using eBooks (e.g., number of concurrent users), again depending on the vendor.


  • eBooks come in 3 primary formats: the older PDF, and the more flexible ePub and MOBI standards. Most publishers and eBook readers prefer ePubs, which allow you to change text sizes, use text-to-speech capabilities, and more fully employ the "electronic" capacity of the eBook. Amazon Kindle readers prefer the MOBI standard, but can also read PDF and ePub books with a free download called Calibre.


  • Some of the library's physical titles are also available as eBooks. The electronic version will be listed separately in the catalog—look for the designation [electronic resource] after the title. 


  • The true availability of an eBook will not be reflected in the catalog. The catalog will always show an eBook as available but actual availability is a function of an individual vendor.

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